Suction Cup Power Bank

Charging the Power bank

Plug the supplied cable to your wall charger or computer USB port.
The USB connector goes to your charger, the micro USB (3) goes to your power bank.
If depleted, the power bank will take approximately 5 hours to charge. When completely charged, disconnect the power bank.

Charging your device via USB cable 

Plug the cable into the USB port (1) on the power bank, the other end goes into your device.

Note: If you unplug your smart phone while cable charging and plug it back in you will need to press the on/off button (4) to resume charging.

Your device will indicate that it is charging. The power bank will take about two (2) hours to charge your mobile device to 95%. After you have charged your device you will need to recharge the power bank before using it again.

Charging your device via wireless charging

Make sure your smart phone or device is Qi or wireless charging compatible.

Press the on/off button (4) to enable wireless charging.

Put your wireless charging enabled device on the wireless charging surface (7). Press gently to engage suction cups and attach (8)


*Note: After long periods of use, charge and discharge fully every three months.

Do not place other materials like metal objects, magnets, and magnetic stripe cards between the mobile device and the wireless charging pad.


Troubleshooting your device

My phone won't charge via wireless charging.

When the mobile device is not placed on the charging surface accurately your mobile device may not charge properly. Try moving it to a different position, turning the power bank off, and then turning it on again. 

No, it's still not working.

Heavy phone cases can sometimes prevent wireless charging. Remove your case and try again. 

If your device still will not charge via wireless charging, please fill out this warranty form to see if you are eligible for a replacement.