RGX LED Mousepad

RGX LED Mousepad setup instructions and troubleshooting.




Plug the Micro USB (1) end of the provided USB cable into the port (2) on your mouse pad.

Plug the other end into a DC 5V/1.5A USB power source. Such as a computer, laptop, or wall adapter

.Press the power button (3) to activate the LED border.

Press the mode button (4) to cycle through brightness and mode settings. 



My mousepad is not lighting up.

Ensure that your device is plugged into a power source. Press the power button, and toggle the mode button to toggle through brightness settings.

My mousepad is lighting up, but not all the way around. 

The LED lights on the mousepad are meant to light in the dark without distracting from the use of other non-illuminated devices. Therefore, the LED's may not be as bright with the lights on. Turn off the lights in the area you are playing, and see if the mousepad lights up.

If you're experiencing issues with your mousepad, please fill out this warranty form to see if you are eligible for a replacement device.